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There are two sections to the submission form.
Section one is for an individual person applying to be enrolled onto a course.
Section two is for an employer wishing to enrol a staff member or more than one staff member.

Section one
For an individual applying direct (not an employer) please complete the first section only.
Once the submission form has been received, an invoice will be raised for 50% of the course cost total. This will need to be paid before we will complete our enrolment process that includes registration with our awarding body Highfield. This invoice will be sent on the email address provided on the submission form.
The remaining 50% of the cost of the qualification will be invoiced upon completion of the course. No certification will take place until the course has been paid for in full. All invoices require payment within 7 days of receipt.

Section two
For an employer who wishes to enrol one staff member or more than one staff member please complete section two only. A member of our team will contact you for further details once the form has been received.

Section 1

Section 2

T&C. Full copy of our terms and conditions are available upon request.
By submitting this form you are agreeing for your information to be processed in line with Step Up Training and Care data enrolment procedures. You are agreeing to complete a course, paying 50% cost of the course within 7 days of receipt of invoice and the remaining 50% at the end of the delivery but before certificates are released. We expect learners to engage on their programme, and we refer to the course information in relation to timescales. You will be assigned a qualified assessor to support you through your qualification and all completions are subject to internal and external verification requirements before certification.