Level 2 Certificate Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Conditions

This Level 2 Certificate is part of our portfolio of funded Highfield qualifications. Highfield is registered by OfQual to award recognised qualifications under the Regulated Qualification Framework so care settings can be absolutely confident that this qualification is genuine and will be accepted by the relevant regulatory bodies and across the Health and Social Care sector and beyond. However, you don't have to take our word for it - the Government also back this course, with funding available under the Skills for Care programme - so employers will be able to claim back the cost of this course upon successful completion.

We deliver this qualification, predominantly using distance learning techniques from our base in Redditch. We are therefore ideally situated to support care settings and their carers in Birmingham, Solihull and the surrounding West Midlands should learners struggle with the disciplines of remote learning. We can arrange classroom sessions and face to face support with our helpful and knowledgeable tutors - this may well be the difference between success and dropping out. For those who don't have their own transport, our premises are conveniently situated a short walk from Redditch train station.

The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace, specifically in care roles supporting individuals with autistic spectrum conditions. This qualification is designed for learners who wish to develop an understanding of autism and how to support individuals with autism. It's useful for learners who provide direct support and those working in sectors such as:

  • Adult care worker
  • Healthcare assistant/support worker
  • Personal assistant
  • Care worker preparing or just beginning their care in the health and social care sector
  • healthcare
  • social care
  • leisure
  • entertainment
  • education and training
  • nursing

Course Structure
This is a knowledge only qualification. This course provides information in relation to: Test image page

  • Autistic spectrum conditions.
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Principles of communication
  • How to interact with individuals who have autistic spectrum conditions.

This qualification will be assessed through a portfolio of evidence. We do not require an observation of the learner in practice.

Duration of the course
The duration of the course is 145 hours and of this 115 are recommended as guided learning hours. This equates to approximately a 1-month timescale but is dependent on a learner being engaged in their studies, submitting evidence to match the learning criteria usually on a weekly basis to their personal assessor. This is an estimate of hours for the average learner to demonstrate the level of attainment. This course can be done under supervision or without supervision.

This qualification attracts funding from government pathways. Once a learner completes the qualification, an employer is able to recover all the cost outlay plus any incidentals relating to the learning. Step Up Training and Care will assist employers with the reclaim paperwork. Turnaround for payment is approximately 10 days from submitting a claim.

Course Content
To complete the course, learners must complete the following mandatory units.
• Introduction to autistic spectrum conditions(Guided learning hours 30)
• Introduction to behaviour management and support for individuals with autistic spectrum conditions(Guided learning hours 50)
• Understanding the principles of communication and interaction with individuals with autistic spectrum conditions(Guided learning hours 35)